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"I want to help shape a living environment that families can not only grow in, but thrive.  A town that citizens from surrounding areas come to visit and enjoy. A place that can serve as an example of a safe and welcoming community. My ultimate goal is to preserve the character and charm of the Town of Huntersville while helping our citizen's bring to life the vision of development that they deserve. My hope is to serve as a commissioner that will keep you in the loop of all the town is discussing, to provide clear and transparent updates throughout all projects, and to bring forth and fight for the ideas that you as citizens bring to light."

Town Resources

As an elected official, it is important that we listen to our constituents and how they want to use the town's resources. I have been a part of many groups on social media where our citizens are offering ideas and solutions, I want to aide in bringing those thoughts to the table. It will be my duty to take all perspectives and offer strategic thinking regarding how we utilize our tax payer's dollars, town property, and put forth ideas that will better grow our community.  Huntersville has character and history, I like many others want to help preserve that while also providing ideas for progression. 

Create a sense of Community
Huntersville has many events throughout the community, my favorites are typically held at Veteran's Park. This venue has served as a stage for the LaLaCaboosa concert series, movies in the park, an annual Memorial Day ceremony, car cruise-ins and more! The fear I have is that these events will no longer be offered due to the low turn out. In my opinion, these events aren't widely made known to the public, therefore I am making it my personal mission to ensure these events are shed a bit more light. In my opinion, there is no greater gift than the gift of community. They say "it takes a village" and we have the opportunity to grow ours immensely. 
Land Use

While speaking of preserving history and character, we need to take a look at how we are building out the town. It is no surprise this is a top issue with the constant housing development in the town of Huntersville. Too many times have developers strong-armed our citizens into buying their land, then turn around to say they will only purchase if allowed to re-zone. Property in Huntersville is becoming harder and harder to find, whether it is being converted into single-family neighborhoods, townhomes/apartments, or another gas station. Pretty soon we will be gridlocked with no room to enhance retail or places to add parks/activities for families. Current commissioners have stated they want this town to be a place where we can work and live, yet tear down historic buildings and businesses to provide more housing and less retail, after repeatedly hearing this is not what the citizens want. As someone working for you, I will be sure to listen to the needs and wants of our citizens in regards to building and rezoning. 


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